PHP developer from Prague

My name is David Krupicka and I am a senior PHP programmer with extensive experience. I work as a freelancer and I am currently accepting new projects.

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PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Docker, Vue.js, jQuery, ElasticSearch, …

I can help you with REST and SOAP APIs, writing acceptance, integration, and functional tests, MVC architecture, transitioning to new versions of PHP, Nette, setting up CodeSniffer, PHPStan, and more.

Most important clients

I have worked on a lot of interesting projects, here are the most important clients.

Mall Group

At MallGroup, I was part of a core team of developers working on logistics sw development.

Ficek a Ficeková

I have been developing an enterprise information system for the law firm Ficek & Ficeková since 2016.

E-commerce holding

In e-commerce holding I worked on the projects,,,, …


I completed my bachelor’s degree at the University of Pardubice.